Corded VS Cordless Chainsaw – Which one you should buy ?

There are a lot of great electric chainsaws available in the market. If you’re reading this article, I assume you’re confused about how to choose the right electric chainsaw for your needs. There are a few factors you can take into consideration to make your choice.

However, before I tell you how to choose  electric chainsaw, it’s important for you to understand whatan electric chainsaw is, how it differs from other chainsaws, and what are the types of electric chainsaws available.

To put it simply, an electric chainsaw is a chainsaw that runs on electricity as opposed to fuel. They are usually easy to operate, easy to maintain, and create less noise than their gas counterparts. Below you can learn everything you need to know about electric chainsaws.

Electric Type Chaisnaw

First and foremost, you need to figure out why you need the electric chainsaw, and which type of chainsaw best suits that purpose, corded or cordless? You can refer to the comparative table above to determine which is best for you.

These are the two types of Electric Chainsaws:

  1. Electric Corded Chainsaws: These are electric chainsaws that have to be plugged into a power source in order for them to work. As a result of this, they aren’t very portable and have a limited range. If you want to use the chainsaw in the yard, you’ll have to drag an extension cord along, which can also be hazardous as someone may trip on the wire. However, because they don’t run on batteries, you can work with them for a longer period at a stretch.
  2. Electric Cordless/ Battery-Powered Chainsaws: These are electric chainsaws that run on battery power. The battery has to be charged regularly and generally lasts for 100 to 200 cuts on a wood piece of 4” x 4”. These chainsaws are a lot more portable than corded ones, however they run out of energy pretty fast.

Corded Chainsaw vs. Cordless Chainsaw

Electric Chainsaws come in two major types — corded, and cordless (battery powered) chainsaws. Below you can find a basic run down of their features along with a comparative table of their pros and cons.

Corded Chainsaw Review

Corded chainsaws are perfect for people who only need it for light maintenance around the house. This is because they always need to be plugged in, so you very well can’t carry it out in the yard. I mean, you could, but you’d need a really long extension cable, and dragging that along poses considerable safety risks. It’s also ideal for people who uses chainsaws for ice sculpting and other similar purposes.

PROS:QuietEasy to start with just the press of a buttonIdeal for sculpting, and other indoor maintenance workNeeds little maintenance, just light wear and tear maybeQuite cheap as you don’t need to spend money on fuel or batteriesCONS:Has a small bladeLack of mobility and portabilityNot powerful enough for large projectsDragging a long wire or extension cable across the room poses safety risks

 Cordless (Battery Powered) Chainsaw Review

Cordless chainsaws are also meant only for home use, however they can also be used for a bit of yard work, such as pruning and trimming. This is because these are battery powered so they offer you more mobility. You can use it in your yard without having to drag a wire all the way across. However, having said that, they only give you a max of 2 hours of battery, usually even less. After that you need to charge it again, which, to be fair, doesn’t take a long time.

PROS:QuietEasy to maintainThey come with safety chains that can stop the chainsaw in case of kickbacksIdeal for home maintenance, yard work, pruning and trimming of bushes, etcCONS:Not as powerful as gas chainsawsThe battery needs to be recharged every 1-2 hoursUnlike electric chainsaws, you need to invest in batteriesThey can work on wood and branches, but with great difficulty

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