Poulan Gas Chainsaw Review 2019

Poulan is one of the leading companies in the market when it comes to the manufacturing of chainsaws. However, despite the fact that they produce great products, they’re not as well rested as some of the premium companies like Stihl and Husqvarna. However, the great thing about these Poulan chainsaws is that they’re more suitable for the everyday people as they’re a lot more reasonable than their Stihl counterparts.If you’re a professional then you’re probably learning top brands chainsaw
Because of their great value for money, Poulan chainsaws are the ideal saws for homemakers, hobbyists, and amateurs. However, there are so many great Poulan chainsaws in the market that the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why in this review I’ve selected four diverse but equally great Poulan chainsaws to compare.

All of these given chainsaws are great in their respective means, however you should choose the one most suited to your personal needs. So read on and find out what works best for you!

Best Poulan Chainsaws of 2019

Have a quick look at this comparative table of Poulan chainsaws. It might make the decision easier.

1.Poulan Pro 967061501/ Medium duty and Quality homeowner Chainsaw

The Poulan Pro 967061501 is one of the leading most powerful Poulan chainsaws in the market. It comes with a 20” bar that’s powered with a 50cc OxyPower motor engine. As such, you can use it on giant branches, cleaning up after storms, felling trees, etc. One really helpful feature of this machine is that it has a very quick start up time. This also makes it far more convenient and effortless than other alternatives.

This is also far more fuel efficient than other Poulan products, and as such you don’t need to keep refiling the gas. It also comes with a chain tensioner, and that along with the oxyPower engine, ensures that the chainsaw is powerful and durable.

Ideal for: Heavy duty tasks such as chopping logs, felling trees, etc.

PROS:Powerful engineQuick start up timeGreat fuel consumptionGreat for heavy duty tasksCONS:Not meant for light weight tasks

 2.Poulan Pro 967185102/Great for general yard care

Poulan Pro 967185102 isn’t meant for regular use, and as such it’s not ideal for professionals. However, it’s perfect for people to keep in their homes to use on trimming bushes, collecting firewood, or clearing out pieces of wood after a storm. It comes with an 18” bar powered by a 42cc 2-cycle engine, yet despite its strength it’s extremely light weight so you can handle it for long stretches of time.

The chainsaw also comes with an automatic lubricator, and as such the chain remains well oiled throughout use. This also helps enhance the longevity of the chain, and ensures that it works in ideal smooth condition. Furthermore, the anti-vibe feature prevents fatigue during long periods of work as it helps minimize the vibrations of the saw.

Ideal for: Occasionally cutting trees, felling, etc.

PROS:Automatic oilerAnti-Vibe featurePowerful 42cc engineSmooth pull start systemCONS:Not ideal for extended useSome amazon users noted that there’s problem with the choke control knob

 3.Poulan Pro PP5020/Best Poulan Chainsaw for the money

Poulan Pro PP5020 is a mid-sized gas chainsaw that comes with a 20” bar powered by a 50cc 2-stroke engine. As such, it’s an incredibly powerful chainsaw that can handle all the heavy duty task you set before it. The large bar allows it to be used upon large trees as well. Because of the sheer strength of this machine it’s meant to be handled by seasoned professionals and not by amateurs or hobbyists. Like other quality chainsaws, the Poulan Pro PP5020 also comes with an auto-oiler so that the chainsaw remains lubricated during use, thus proving a steady and uniform rpm. This allows you to get through a clean and thorough job. Furthermore, the air filtration system in the machine is so powerful that it keeps the engine clear from debris while also extending the life of the machine. The handle of the chainsaw is shock-absorbent so it minimizes the vibrations felt by the user, thus decreasing fatigue.

Ideal for: Felling trees and chopping firewood.

PROS:Auto-oilerLong lifeStrong air filtration systemPowerful 50cc 2-stroke engineCONS:Not ideal for small pruning tasksNot meant for people who aren’t physically strong

4.Poulan Pro  PP4218A-ARC/Great lightweight chainsaw

The Poulan PP4218A is a light weight and medium duty gas chainsaw. It’s quite powerful for the purpose it serves, and the biggest draw for this chainsaw is that it’s extremely reasonable so it’s ideal for beginners and amateurs. It comes with an 18” bar so it can even slice through 16” logs on a single go. It’s also quite light weight and thus can be handled by most people, and it comes with a shock-absorbent handle for reduced vibrations. The chainsaw works on a 42cc 2-cycle engine, and as such it’s strong enough to handle some pretty heavy tasks as well. However, a chain brake has been attached which activates automatically during kickbacks. This safety feature makes this chainsaw ideal for hobbyists and beginners. The chainsaw comes with the auto-oil feature which ensures your saw keeps working smoothly. However, it must be noted that this chainsaw isn’t the most fuel-efficient among the bunch.

Ideal for: Clearing storm damage or slicing firewood.

PROS:Very reasonablePowerful 42cc 2-cycle engineExcellent cutting with an 18” barCONS:Not ideal for heavy duty tasksNot the most fuel-efficient option

In Conclusion…

So now you have a good idea about the top Poulan chainsaws in the market. As you can see, in this article I’ve explored two different types of chainsaws. Poulan Pro 967061501 and Poulan Pro PP5020 are heavy duty chainsaws with 50cc engines, ideal for professionals. Poulan Pro 967185102 and The Poulan PP4218A are reasonable lightweight chainsaws meant for beginners and amateurs for light tasks like pruning and trimming bushes. So depending on what your needs are, you can get one of these chainsaws.

Whatever you decide, do let me know about it down in the comments section, and let me know whether you found this article helpful!

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