Cheap Chainsaws of 2019 – Reviews

Not too long ago, chainsaws were incredibly expensive purchase items.However, in recent years, a range of cheap budget chainsaws have been introduced to the market. You wouldn’t get a good chainsaw for any less than $500.

Furthermore, most of the chainsaws used to be for professional purposes, not for regular yard maintenance work.These chainsaws come in a range of different types, be it electric, battery powered, or gas chainsaws. As such, they can serve different purposes for different people depending on the type, power, and length of bar.

To all of those people who are looking for a chainsaw but don’t want to shell out large sums of money, this product roundup article is for you. In this list of top 10 cheapest chainsaws, we’ve reviewed chainsaws of all different types serving different purposes. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

Top 10 Cheap Chainsaw

You can go through this comparative table to narrow down your options based on the basic specifications of these different budget chainsaws. However, to get a fuller picture of these chainsaws, please read the entire review.

1.WORX WG303.1/Best Chainsaw for home use

WORX WG303.1 is currently one of the most popular and cheapest chainsaws in the market right now, especially amongst homeowners. It’s extremely lightweight and packs enough punch to be able to efficiently handle all your yard maintenance work.

The chainsaw comes with a 16” bar powered by a 14.5 Amp motor. It’s an electric chainsaw and as such it needs to be plugged into a power source throughout use. This helps conserve a lot of fuel, and it doesn’t generate as much noise as gas chainsaws, however it can also be inconvenient. For example, if you want to work in the yard, you might need a very long extension cord for it. That’s a safety risk as someone might trip over the extended cord.

Having said that, if electric chainsaw is your thing, this is perfect. It has some great features as well. For example, it comes with a tool-free chain tensioning system that prevents over-tightening of the chain, and lasts for hundreds of uses. The bar provides minimal kickback and there’s a chain brake in place that can immediately stop the machine in case there’s a kickback.

Ideal for: Felling small trees up to 12 inches in diameter, and cutting firewood.

NoiselessNo fuel usedGreat safety featuresPowerful enough for small trees
Not very portableNeeds an extension cord for yard work

2.BLACK+DECKER LCS1020/Mini Power Chainsaw

The BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 is an extremely light weight battery-powered electric chainsaw. It comes with a small 10” bar powered by a 20V MAX Lithium Ion battery. As such, it’s not meant for hard heavy duty projects at all. However, it’s ideally suited for the tasks it is meant for, which is small yard maintenance, trimming the bushes, etc.

The battery can hold charge for up to 365 days, and in a single charge it can deliver 150 cuts of wood up to 1.5” in diameter. The 10” bar is of Oregon make, and as such you can trust that it would bring minimal kickback capacity. Not only that, but the Oregon handle is designed with anti-vibration technology so as to minimize the vibrations felt by the user of the chainsaw.

It also comes with great features, such as the tool-free chain tensioning system that can adjust the chain tightness automatically. The auto-oiler feature ensures that the chain works at a uniform rpm by constantly lubricating it. Finally, the chainsaw can be started by pressing a single button, and you don’t need to pull any cords.

Ideal for: Light weight yard maintenance tasks.

LightweightEasy to useMinimal kickbackMinimal vibrations
Needs constant rechargeBattery gets exhausted fast

3.Husqvarna 240/Best Chainsaw home and occasional use

Husqvarna is one of the most premium chainsaw brands in the world, and as such you know that any of their chainsaws would deliver great performance. They’re powerful and rugged, no matter how much energy their engine might pack.

The Husqvarna 240 comes with a 16” bar powered by a 2 HP 38 cc engine, and as such it can get through considerably thick wood pieces with ease. The chainsaw runs at the maximum power of 9000 rpm, however even in idling speed it gives you 3000 rpm. As such, this is one of the cheapest and fastest chainsaws in the market.

Some of the additional features are great for safety. For example, the inertia-activated chain brake stops the chainsaw the moment it experiences a kickback. This can be potentially life saving.

Ideal for: Cleanup jobs and cutting firewood.

PROS:Runs at a high and stable rpmThe chain brake works very wellCONS:Needs a lot of fuelNot the most powerful amongst the Husqvarna chainsaws

4.Remington RM4216/ Best for yard work

The Remington RM4216 is a gas chainsaw with a 16” bar powered by a 42 cc engine. Even though the default bar size is 16 inches, it can even accommodate a 14” bar. This is the perfect chainsaw to be used by homeowners as it can get through tasks like cutting branches and felling small trees effectively. Furthermore, you can even switch to a smaller bar for more precise bush trimming purposes.

The chainsaw is also designed in an ergonomic style for the comfort of amateurs and novices. The handle is wrapped in a cushion and padded so as to offer better maneuverability and minimize the vibrations felt by the body. It also comes with the QuickStart technology so it can start working immediately.

Ideal for: Yard activities such as trimming bushes and sawing branches.

PROS:Ergonomic designQuickStart technologyVersatile in functionalityCan accommodate two bar sizesCONS:Makes a lot of noiseHigh fuel consumptionBar oil my sometimes leak

5.GreenWorks 20312/Powerful noiseless cordless chainsaw

GreenWorks is one of the premium companies when it comes to production of electric chainsaws. They produce chainsaws that are both light weight and heavy duty. GreenWorks 20312 is a lightweight electric battery-powered chainsaw with a 16” bar powered by a 40V 4AH Lithium Ion battery. As such, it can perform relatively powerful tasks like sawing through small trees and large branches, and it can do so effectively.

The DigiPro brushless motor technology helps the chainsaw get through 150 cuts of a 4”x4” piece of wood on a single charge. It takes 60 minutes for a 2AH battery to charge, and 120 minutes for a 4AH battery. Furthermore the brushless motor can deliver about 30% more torque than other electric chainsaws for more powerful performance. In addition to that, it indues about 70% less vibrations, making it more convenient for long use.

Ideal for: Felling small trees or sawing through thick branches.

PROS:PowerfulNo fuel usedMaximum torqueMinimal vibrationsCONS:Needs to be recharged constantlyThe recharge can take as much as 120 minutes

6.Makita UC4051A/Solid, Quite and Good build quality

Makita UC4051A is an electric chainsaw with a 16” bar powered by a 15 Amp motor. It has some really convenient features. The tool-less chain tensioning system makes it extremely convenient, and the auto-oiler feature means you don’t have to constantly worry about lubricating the chains. You can even observe the oil reserve through a window on the side of the chainsaw. It’s also designed in an ergonomic style with rubber handles so that the vibrations felt by the user are minimized. The chainsaw also comes with a motor regulator that automatically slows the saw down when it’s on the verge of being overloaded.

Ideal for: Pruning and trimming of bushes.

PROS:Great featuresNo fuel neededErgonomic designPowerful enough for yard workCONS:Needs to be connected to a power source

7.Oregon CS1500/Convenient, Powerful, and Low Maintenance

The Oregon CS1500 is an electric chainsaw with an 18” bar powered by a 15 Amp engine. As such, it can even saw through large tree branches and effectively saw through small backyard trees as well. This is one of the more powerful electric chainsaws in the market. However, its best feature is the fact that it has a self-sharpening system. As such, you don’t need to either replace or sharpen the saw yourself, the chainsaw does it in a few seconds automatically. Furthermore, it’s ergonomically designed with an over-mold comfortable handle, and a system to minimize vibrations.

Ideal for: Cutting down small backyard trees.

PROS:PowerfulNo fuel neededErgonomic DesignPowerSharp featureCONS:Can only be used when connected to a power source

8.Poulan Pro 967061501/Easy to handle

The Poulan Pro 967061501 is a gas chainsaw with a 20” bar powered by a 50cc 2 Stroke engine. The best feature of this chainsaw is the use of the OxyPower engine, which helps cut down gas emissions by up to 70% and utilizes 20% less fuel. As such, it’s one of the more eco-friendly gas chainsaws in the market. It also comes with a pull starting system that requires 30% less energy to pull and start the engine.

Ideal for: Heavy duty tasks such as clearing forests and felling large trees.

PROS:Extremely powerfulEfficient pull start systemThe OxyPower engine reduces emission and fuel consumption, making it eco-friendlyCONS:Relatively heavyProduces a lot of vibration

9.Homdox CS5200/Best Homdox Chainsaw

This Homdox 52CC chainsaw is a gas chainsaw with a 20” bar powered by a 52cc 2 strokes engine. In addition to the 20” bar, the chainsaw is also compatible with an 18” or a 22” bar. As such, it can work on a variety of different wood surfaces. The chainsaw comes with two twin features that make it very easy to both start and stop the machine — the Assisted Starting System & Quick Stopping Control. It also comes with strong anti-vibration handles that minimize vibrations felt by the body, thus reducing arm fatigue.

Ideal for: Felling large trees on a mass scale.

PROS:PowerfulAnti-vibration handlesEfficient start and stop systemsVersatile because of the range of bar lengths it accommodatesCONS:Makes a lot of noiseConsumes a lot of fuel

10.TIMBERPRO/Best Chainsaw For the Money

This TIMBERPRO chainsaw comes with a 20” bar powered by a 62cc Air Cooled 2 Stroke Engine. As such, this is one of the most powerful chainsaws in this list, meant only for heavy duty tasks, to be used by trained professionals only. It also comes with an Assisted Started Mechanism which makes the chainsaw easy to start and control.

Ideal for: Professional uses such as forestry and felling large trees.

PROS:Extremely powerful2 chains are providedPerfect for professional useAssisted Started Mechanism for easy startsCONS:Consumes a lot of fuelThe chain brake often needs to be replaced

In Conclusion…

So now that you’ve read this whole article on the top 10 cheapest chainsaws in the market, I’m sure you have narrowed down your options based on your requirements. As you can see, the chainsaws in this list may be diverse, but they’re all cheap. I hope you find the right chainsaw for yourself, and once you do please leave a comment down below letting me know all about it!

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