Professional Chainsaw | How to pick perfect chainsaw?

Professional chainsaws are those chainsaws meant to be used by professional for heavy-duty forestry purposes such as felling trees, cutting through large branches, sawing through masses of lumber, etc. Furthermore, professional chainsaws are used extensively, and as such not only do they need to be extremely durable, but they need to have a long life span as well.

Professional chainsaws are usually gas chainsaws because they wield the most power amongst all other types of chainsaws. However, there are a lot of different companies making great powerful chainsaws. In this review, I’ll go through the top 3 best professional chainsaws in the market.

The chainsaws I’ve included in my roundup are Tanaka TCS33EDTP, Husqvarna 460 Rancher, and WORX WG303.1. There are a lot of other great professional chainsaws as well, however I’ve chosen these because they all bring something different to the table, either convenience, rugged strength, or value for money.

Professional Chainsaws Review

After you go through the reviews of the top 3 professional chainsaws, please feel free to observe this comparative table as it will help you make the right decision.

1.Tanaka TCS33EDTP — Best Tanaka Gas Chainsaw

Tanaka TCS33EDTP is a lightweight top-handle chainsaw. and as such it’s extremely easy to use. Despite weighing just 12 pounds, it comes with a 14” bar powered by a 32.2 cc engine. Because of the weight, the power, and the handle bar position, it can easily be used to cut down the heavy branches off trees with a downward motion. Furthermore, it comes with a pure fire engine which helps get rid of engine debris and consumes less fuel. The half throttle choke also helps the machine start easily.
Ideal for: Cutting large tree branches.

PROS:LightweightTop handlebarConsumes less fuelCan cut through small trees and large branchesCONS:Not ideal for the more heavy duty professional tasks

 2.Husqvarna 460 Rancher — Big & Powerful Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a beast of a machine and it’s used by professionals for the most heavy duty tasks possible. The 3-piece crankshaft makes it highly durable and suitable for the most trying of conditions, be it snow, rain, or any other. It comes with a 20 inch bar that can saw through the thickest of trees effortlessly, and it’s powered by a 60.3 cc 2-Stoke X-Torq engine. Not only is this engine extremely fast and powerful, but it’s also designed in a manner so as to filter the air and fuel mixture from clean air, which reduces fuel use by 30% and lowers emission by 60%.
Ideal for: Mass scale tree felling purposes.

PROS:Fuel efficientExtremely powerfulX-torq engine lowers emission rateCan cut through the largest of treesCONS:Too powerful for some people

3.WORX WG303.1 — Best Value for Money

WORX WG303.1 is a professional use electric chainsaw. As such it’s not as powerful as some of the more powerful gas chainsaws however it can be used to cut through small trees and branches on a large scale. It comes with a 16” bar which can also saw through medium-sized trees, and it’s powered by a 14.5 Amp engine. It’s battery powered and as such you’ll have to charge it regularly, however it’s the most eco-friendly option available as it doesn’t require fossil fuels.
Ideal for: Cutting small trees on a budget.

PROS:CheapEco-friendlyDoesn’t make much soundComes with a tool-free chain tensionerThe rubber handles make it ergonomic and comfortable to hold on toCONS:Can’t be used for long periodsBattery takes a long time to chargeUses a lot of oil to lubricate the barCan’t cut through thick trees or on a mass scale

 How to Buy the Best Professional Chainsaw?

Before buying a professional chainsaw you need to take the following factors into consideration.

Bar Length

If you’re buying a professional chainsaw you probably need it for heavy duty work such as cutting trees. However, even so, do you need to cut large trees, or small ones? You’d have to get a chainsaw with the appropriate bar length.

Cutting Speed and Duration

Gas chainsaws run at a particular rpm, and they can run for a particular period of time before needing to be refueled. Generally speaking, the longer the cutting duration and the higher the speed, the better. Especially for professionals.

Weight to Performance

You should go for chainsaws with a high weight to performance ratio as these chainsaws generally deliver stronger performance at a lower weight. This allows you to use them for a longer period without causing fatigue.

Chainsaw Handlebar Location

The chainsaw handle is usually located at the rear or the top of the chainsaw. The top handlebar is perfect for lightweight models and it’s a lot more convenient to use. Rear handles are found in larger chainsaws and require more effort to work with. You should ideally go for the top handle.

Furthermore, the handlebar should be designed in a manner so as to minimize vibrations felt on the body. This will reduce fatigue and help you go on longer.


If you’re a first time professional chainsaw user, or if you’re purchasing from a company that doesn’t have a lot of brand recognition, or if you’re working under harsh environmental conditions, it’s possible that your chainsaw might run into problems. As such, look for a good warranty so that you can get it exchanged or repaired easily.

In Conclusion…

So now you know what are the three best professional chainsaws to purchase. All of these chainsaws have their own unique features. You can go through the list of factors and decide which of these features matters most to you.

Whatever you decide, please feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know if you found this article useful!

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