Echo Gas Chainsaw Review 2019

Echo Chainsaw is a Japanese brand that specializes in making chainsaw products that are reliable and effective. Chainsaws are usually used for purposes of slicing firewood, trimming heavy tree branches, etc. They are extremely powerful, and as such they’re usually used by professionals, however hobbyists also use them for purposes of wood carving and ice sculpting, amongst other things.

There are a lot of different ways to use a chainsaw. As such, the chainsaw you purchase has to be ideally suited for your specific needs. In this roundup article, I shall explore 4 of the best Echo chainsaws in the market so that you can determine which one you should buy.

Best Echo Chainsaws

If you’re in a hurry and just want a brief summary of the different Echo chainsaws, you can go through this table in which I’ve listed out their specifications. However, I highly recommend that you read the whole article before making a decision.

1.Echo CS400/Powerful, Easy to start and Handle

The Echo CS400 is a best gas powered chainsaw, and it’s available with the bar lengths of 16 inches and 18 inches. It’s ideal for mid-range to high-end cutting jobs, and due to the variable length of the bar you can engage in a variety of cutting jobs. In addition to that, it’s also quite durable and long-lasting due to the fact that it comes with an auto-oiler feature. This means that the chain is automatically lubricated upon use so that it can perform better and longer.

And for those features, it also comes with the incredibly helpful G-Force engine, which is typical of Eco chainsaws. This feature optimizes the filtration system in the chainsaw and ensures that the engine lasts for years to come without getting clogged. As such, all the features of the chainsaw have been designed with longevity in mind.

Furthermore, despite the fact that this is a relatively starter chainsaw, it’s still a lot more powerful than a lot of other chainsaws in the market. This is owing to the fact that it has a 40.2 cc dual cycle engine. This engine is furthermore coupled with the i-30 starting system, which ensures that not only is it fast and powerful, but is starts off smooth and effortlessly as well.

Ideal for: Slicing firewood, cutting thick branches and trees, pruning, trimming, etc.

Caution: There have been some reports that this chainsaw tends to start seizing. This occurs when the fuel ratio isn’t correct. For safety purposes, you should leave the chainsaw idle for about 15 minutes after starting it off.

PROS:G-Force for air filtrationSmooth i-30 starting systemPowerful 40.2 cc dual cycle engineCONS:You need to get the fuel proportion rightComplaints of oil leaks have been made

2.Echo CS590/Easy to start

Echo CS590 is called The Tiger Wolf, and it definitely lives up to that name. It’s the alpha amongst all the Echo chainsaws available in the market. It’s a professional chainsaw with the strongest power and the most amazing features available. It’s perfect for all the most heavy duty tasks that can be thrown its way.

Right off the bat, I’m highly impressed with the fact that it can take bars ranging from 16” all the way to 27”, and as such it can perform all sorts of different tasks. As such, this is definitely the most versatile chainsaw in the market. It’s also the most powerful chainsaw with a 59.8 cc dual cycle engine.

One thing you need to take into consideration when handling such a beast of a machine is safety. To that end, this Echo chainsaw comes with a kick-guard attachment on top of the bar  for safety purposes, should a kickback occur during use. Like all other Echo products, this too comes with an auto-lubricating feature so as to enhance the life of the chainsaw.

Ideal for: Felling trees.

Caution: It’s incredibly powerful so you should operate it with the kick-guard attachment in place to avoid kickbacks.

PROS:Anti-Vibration featureDoesn’t overheat quicklyKick-guard attachment for safetyThe most powerful 59.8 cc dual cycle engineGas tank is translucent so you can check fuel levelCONS:Very expensiveExtremely heavyNot suitable for beginners

3. Echo CS310/Lightweight Gas Chainsaw

Echo CS310 is a relatively lightweight gas chainsaw meant for smaller projects. It comes with a 14” bar and a respectable 32.6cc engine. As such, it’s meant for light weight tasks to be completed around one’s own yard. However, its performance is smooth and efficient.

It comes with the Echo trademark G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner which keeps the filtration system free from wood shavings and debris, thus enhancing the life of the machine. You’ll also find a chain tensioner at the side of the machine that can adjust the chain according to your needs.

Ideal for: Pruning and trimming of bushes.

Caution: Don’t use this machine for heavy tasks like chopping trees or heavy branches.

PROS:LightweightPerfect for accurate lightweight tasks like pruning of bushesCONS:Small barNot ideal for heavy tasks

4.Echo CS 271T/Echo Top Handle Chainsaw

Echo CS 271T is another efficient gas chainsaw ideal for small and medium level tasks. It comes with a 12” bar, though it can also accommodate a 14” bar, and it’s equipped with a lightweight 26.9 cc motor engine. Due to the fact that this chainsaw is lightweight, it comes with a top handle which can be used single handedly.

Ideal for: Yard work like pruning and trimming.

Caution: The top handle single-handed use can be dangerous for beginners. Only meant to be used by professionals.

PROS:Ideal for yard workCan be used single-handedlyCan accommodate both a 12” and a 14” barCONS:Extremely reasonableNot meant for heavy tasks

 In Conclusion…

So now you know about all the different types of Echo chainsaws in the market. In this article I’ve taken into consideration different budgetary needs, and different uses, be it felling trees or simple yard work. As such, whatever your requirements may be, you can find chainsaw which you need in this list.

Do comment down below and let us know whether you found this article to be useful and which one of these you’ve decided to purchase for yourself.

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